FIREFIGHTERS are about to start work on dismantling the remains of a warehouse still smouldering from a fire which destroyed it on Monday.

The London Fire Brigade are working with outside contractors to take apart the Sony building in Solar Way, so that they can reach the centre of the fire which is still causing smoke to billow into the sky.

It is believed the operation will take around two days.

Police believe the smoke will continue to cause some problems for traffic and local residents, while they examine CCTV to identify more suspects from the alleged arson attack.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the blaze. Two of them, aged 17 and 18, remain in custody, while the third, aged 17, has been bailed.

Eyewitnesses reported a gang of around 20 youths entering the warehouse with petrol cans and looting CDs and DVDs before setting it alight.

An employee of a nearby hotel, who was walking home, was punched as the teenagers fled from the building.