THE DEPUTY Mayor of London has said it was “deeply undesirable” to see English Defence League vigilantes in Enfield last night.

In a visit to Enfield Town this afternoon with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, Mr Malthouse said the presence of the far-right group was not needed and that residents should let the police do their job.

He said: “They are not wanted on any level – we do not need help from the EDL and we do not agree with what they represent.

“It is deeply undesirable and they should let the police do their job.”

A large group of men, wearing white t-shirts and heard chanting “EDL” and “England” by the Enfield Independent, ran down Southbury Road and in Enfield Highway.

The group appeared to be separate from a group of around 100 gathered outside The George pub in the centre of town, who were largely peaceful.

After being challenged former Mayor of Enfield Councillor Jayne Buckland on the policing level in Enfield Town and surrounding wards, Mr Malthouse added that each ward should have a sergeant.

He said: “Sometimes these wards will have to share a sergeant – but these incidents are a once in 30 year occurrence.

“Each sergeant costs £55,000 and we can't increase them for one event – it's a budgetary thing.”