SHOPPERS say they are shocked and saddened at the violence seen in Ponders End.

Speaking outside Tesco, in High Street, 49-year-old Colin Patterson, of Ordnance Road, said he did not condone the looting.

Mr Paterson, who is disabled after suffering a stroke, used to live in Tottenham around ten years ago.

He knew Mark Duggan, who was shot and killed in a police operation last week, to say hello to him and understood the father-of-four to be a dedicated family man.

Mr Paterson said: “I can’t really believe what is being said about him – unless he really changed since I knew him.

“What happened last night had nothing to do with Mark’s death, but his family need some answers pretty sharpish.”

Reflecting on the violence in Ponders End, a friend of Mr Patterson, who did not wish to be named, said she thought there were many socio-political causes for the disturbance.

She said: “I’m shocked and sad to think this started as a peaceful protest down in Tottenham. It shows people are just joining in and I’m scared it could go nationwide.

“But, with the economic news this morning I think the situation could get worse and worse.”

Mr Patterson added: “The majority of the kids are good people, but they’ve got to live with no prospects these days. The Government are picking on the poor and disabled.”