FORMER Mayor of Enfield Lee Chamberlain won a seat on Enfield Council in yesterday's Bush Hill Park by-election.

Cllr Chamberlain, who served as a councillor for Southbury ward for eight years from 2002 until he was booted out by the electorate in 2010, won 1,108 votes, 440 more than the nearest candidate, Labour's Ivor Wiggett.

Mr Chamberlain was elected as mayor in 2008/09, and helped to raise more than £33,000 for his chosen charity the Nightingale Community Hospice during his term of office.

The seat in Bush Hill Park became vacant following last week's resignation of fellow Conservative Eleftherios Savva, who had been splitting his time between the UK and Cyprus, helping a family member with personal problems.

Turnout in the election was low, with only 23.83 per cent of the ward voting.

The full results are below.

  • Lee Chamberlain (The Conservative Party Candidate) - 1108
  • Douglas Frank Coker (Green Party) - 100
  • Tony Kingsnorth (Independent) - 230
  • Clive Morrison (Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship") - 45
  • Gwyneth Wesley Rolph (UK Independence Party) - 70
  • Paul David Smith (Liberal Democrats) - 177
  • Stephen Squire (British National Party) – 61
  • Ben Weald (The English Democrats - "Putting England First!") - 29
  • Ivor Wiggett (The Labour Party Candidate) – 668