AN MP has called for more community respect after catching two thieves stealing plants out of a public garden.

David Burrowes caught the two women, believed to be mother and daughter, digging up plants from a taxpayer-funded bed in The Ridgeway last Sunday.

The Enfield Southgate MP and his son chased the floral raiders and apprehended them, threatening to call the police if they did not return to the scene of the crime and replant what they had stolen.

Mr Burrowes said: “This was a shocking example of a complete lack of care and respect for the community.

“I was incensed and ran after one of them and gave them – a law student – and gave her the option of me calling the police or she could right the wrong straight away.

“This kind of behaviour is beyond contempt, and I'm sure it goes on unnoticed, so I would urge people to be vigilant and look after their community.”

Mr Burrowes added he believed the thieves were stealing to plants to sell on elsewhere.

He said it is up to residents to be on the look out for such anti-social behaviour, ranging from low-level theft to acts of wanton vandalism – pointing to 2009's theft of the plaques from the Southgate war memorial in Broomfield Park.