POLICE officers were pelted by fired-up ravers furious their illegal warehouse rave was shut down prematurely.

Officers visited the abandoned warehouse on an Enfield industrial site, in Lincoln Road, at 11.30pm on Saturday night after a tip off that hundreds of young people were gearing up to party.

It is believed the rave was put together by a rave group called Scumtek which organises guerilla dance events dubbed Strictly Scum Dancing, spread by word of mouth and on the internet.

One reveller broadcasted the event on the web, stating: "London ravers! Strictly Scum Dancing from Scumtek is happening now in Lincoln Road, Enfield...if the Old Bill says it's off, it's not".

Up to 300 turned up and more than 800 people were said to have been turned away before even getting to their destination.

As officers tried to move the party-goers along, a small group started throwing bottles and rocks at the police near Great Cambridge Road.

Enfield police were inundated with calls from frightened residents from Percival Road as small groups of the ravers sat on cars, setting off alarms and drinking alcohol, leaving behind their cans and beer bottles.

Neighbours who live near the scene said it all started to "turn nasty" around 2am when police arrived in riot gear.

They claimed 100 young people were penned in by officers, in Main Avenue, and were charged by officers in a bid to force them along.

Many of them fled into a nearby housing estate and down side roads with small groups lingering in the area until 4am.

A total of 12 people were arrested for public disorder, three people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and a sound system was seized.

No one was injured.

This is not the first rave to have taken place in Enfield. A similar event took place in 2008 in Enfield Lock.