SPURS fans in Edmonton will be robbed of their history, the buzz and the pride that comes with having a Premiership football club in your community if a proposed move to Stratford goes ahead, MP Andy Love has said.

The Labour MP is among a group of north east London politicians who are backing a campaign started by fans urging Tottenham Hotspur bosses to stay true to the club's north London roots and redevelop their home stadium in Northumberland Park.

Following crisis meetings with Spurs chairman Daniel Leyy, Mr Love and Tottenham MP David Lammy have grown increasingly worried that a bid to win a lease on the Olympic Stadium, in Stratford, is the likely outcome – unless fans step in to fight for their club.

The Edmonton MP said: "This is not a political issue. It is a football issue. I know that there are fans in my constituency who are worried about this. There is a magic to the name Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham is it's home.

"It is widely known that Spurs' biggest London support is in Enfield. For generations people have supported this club because of the name and because it is very much part and parcel of our community. In the days when Spurs won trophies a lot more often than they do now, the victory bus started at Edmonton Town Hall and ended at Tottenham Town Hall. This was the bedrock of their support. The club absolutely belongs in north London."

Spurs have spent the past two years working closely with Haringey Council to have their planning application approved earlier this year.

But the next day getting the green light it dropped a bombshell and announced it was also challenging West Ham United for a chance to move into Olympic stadium following 2012.

Their bid, backed by entertainment giant AEG, has now been shortlisted to the final two and is rumoured to have the support of London mayor Boris Johnson who has reservations about plans to redevelop White Hart Lane.

Not only would a move to Stratford, in the London borough of Newham, change the dynamics of football in London, and encroach on West Ham's territory, but it would also deprive Tottenham and Edmonton of vital regeneration.

Mr Love added: "The Northumberland Park Development Project has plans for vital homes and create new businesses such as a hotel and a supermarket. It would also lead to an upgrade of rail facilities and ensure that residents in Edmonton and Enfield would get a more reliable service.

"The area would also suffer from the loss of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation which does endless work with young people in our community. The relationship might not deteriorate immediately, but over time, when this area of north London is no longer at the epicentre, they would probably start to direct resources into Newham.

"I am completely behind the fan's campaign and hope other fans get on board, too. Now is the time to say something. The proposed move to Stratford is looking like a serious possibility."

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