THE bomb attack that killed 16 Tube passengers at Bounds Green is commemorated in a new exhibition on the Blitz.

The exhibition at London Transport Museum, titled Under Attack - London, Coventry and Dresden, chronicles the collapse of two houses above the station in 1940.

The Tube station was one of five to be destroyed during the war.

The exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of the Blitz and the 65th anniversary of the Dresden bombing.

Photos show trams and trains continuing to operate despite the rubble and ruin left by the attacks.

David Bownes, head curator at London Transport Museum, said: “The incident at Bounds Green was the result of a bomb dropped from an aircraft flying out of formation which demolished two houses above the station tunnel.

"The resulting collapse of these buildings brought down the tunnel at the northern end of the platform killing 16 instantly. The damage was so extensive that the station was closed for two months after the attack.”

“The exhibition, for the first time ever, brings together the wartime transport stories of London, Coventry and Dresden comparing the experiences of each city.”

The role of public transport surviving the bombing will be highlighted, and the part played by transport organisations and workers in both keeping the cities moving and bolstering public morale.

The show runs from September 7 to March 31, 2011.