A YOUNG woman with an inoperable brain tumour is raising money for a ten-year-old boy who shares her condition.

Lisa Connell, 31, wants to help Harry Moseley and his family get their lives back on track after they were forced to sell their house in Birmingham to pay for his care.

After her diagnosis in 2006, Ms Connell founded Rent a Date for Charity (RAD4C), an online dating charity site that auctions meets-and-greets with celebrities.

She originally gave all the money raised to charity, but is now targeting individual causes to avoid "red tape and restrictions".

Ms Connell, who used to live and work in Enfield, said: "We are no longer in collaboration with a charity because I found, having worked with many in the past years, that there is far too much red tape and restrictions to be able to support individual causes such as Harry’s.

"I want to make sure the money we donate goes into the right hands and really makes an impact on families' lives."

Since his diagnosis in 2007, Harry has raised nearly £25,000 through selling beaded bracelets for Brain Tumour UK.

In 2009 he won the Charities Aid Foundation award for "Britain's Kindest Kid".

Due to Harry’s constant need for care, his parents' income dropped by 60 per cent and their family home was repossessed.

They received the keys to their new home last week, but Ms Connell said they were "struggling to old and tired house into the beautiful safe haven they deserve".

She added: "We are looking for donations of any form, whether it be vouchers, services or actual items, so that the Moseley family have the chance to get their lives back on track.

"Hopefully by transforming their home to a much more liveable environment, it will give them the much needed boost of morale that the family really need."

RAD4C was set up to raise awareness of brain cancer and other children's conditions. For more information visit www.rentadateforcharity.com.

The RAD4C video blog can be found on www.youtube.com/lisamarieconnell.

For more information about Harry Moseley visit www.HelpHarryHelpOthers.co.uk.