THE Labour group have vowed to be "the people's council" after snatching control from the Tories last week.

Eight new Labour councillors will join the party ranks following a nailbiting race to the finish in the early hours of Friday morning.

The borough is now split into a Conservative west and Labour east following the election, which saw all cross-party wards disappear.

Three key wards in the east of the borough swung from Tory to Labour in a count that lasted nearly two hours: Turkey Street, Enfield Lock and Southbury.

Two new Conservative councillors were also elected in Enfield Town and Chase wards, toppling Save Chase Farm councillors Kate Wilkinson and Kieran Thomas McGregor.

Bambos Charalambous is currently acting leader of the council after former Labour leader Jeff Rodin chose not to run for re-election.

The deadline for leader nominations is this Friday and a decision is due to be made by next Monday.

In his speech after the election result was announced, Mr Rodin said: “I have been a councillor for 24 years and seen five elections.

"It has been a great night in Enfield. The reality is that the Enfield people will see a difference and I hope in four years time to be here as a spectator to another Labour victory.”

Mr Charalambous said the council would focus on community engagement and vowed the new administration would work for both the east and west of the borough.

He said: "We are very appreciative of how many people are unaware of what is going on in the council, so we would like greater communication and interaction.

"We plan to go out and engage with people by improving community forums and developing new media and social networking communication, such as Twitter.

"We want to be the people's council."

Mr Charalambous vowed the party would stand by its manifesto pledges, including freezing council tax next year and reversing the decision to relocate Palmers Green library.

Labour would also try to improve links with regional and national bodies, he said, including London Councils, the Local Government Association and the Mayor of London's office.

Despite controlling no western wards, Mr Charalambous stressed the party would represent the whole of the borough.

"Even though we didn't win the seats, we still had a sizeable vote in those wards," he said.

"We intend to provide a service for all."

The full list of winners, and the party swings, are listed below.

They can also be found here.

Bowes: LAB hold

Yasemin Brett, Labour, 2,400
Achilleas Georgious, Labour, 2283
Alan Sitkin, Labour, 1834

Bush Hill Park: CON hold

Jonas Hall, Conservative, 3451
Denise Alexis Headley, Conservative, 3225
Eleftherios Savva, Conservative, 3224

Chase Ward: 1 CON swing

Marcus East, Conservative, 2604
Simon Maynard, Conservative, 2892
Tom Waterhouse, Conservative, 2526

Cockfosters: CON hold

Michael David Lavender, Conservative, 4016
Paul McCannah, Conservative, 4032
Lionel David Zetter, Conservative, 3319

Edmonton Green: LAB hold

Jayne Buckland, Labour, 3442
Chris Murphy, Labour, 3337
Andrew Stafford, Labour, 2971

Enfield Highway: LAB hold

Alev Cazimoglu, Labour, 2876
Dino Lemonides, Labour, 2850
Toby Simon, Labour, 3003

Enfield Lock: 2 LAB swing

Christine Anne Hamilton, Labour, 3073
Nneka Keazon, Labour, 2794
Ozzie Uzoanya, Labour, 2665

Grange: CON hold

Chris Joaniddes, Conservative, 4022
Terence Frank Neville, Conservative, 4070
Glynis Loveday Vince, Conservative, 3874

Haselbury: LAB hold

Ali Bakir, Labour, 2988
Patricia Ekechi, Labour, 2902
George Savva, Labour, 3106

Highlands: CON hold

Don Delman, Conservative, 4019
Jon Kaye, Conservative, 4073
Anne-Marie Pearce, Conservative, 3773

Jubilee: LAB hold

Christopher Deacon, Labour, 2862
Ahmet Hasan, Labour, 2870
Rohini Simbodyal, Labour, 2682

Lower Edmonton: LAB hold

Ingrid Cranfield, Labour, 3401
Ahmet Oykener, Labour, 3234
Geoff Robinson, Labour, 3261

Palmers Green: 1 CON swing

Bambos Charalambous, Labour, 3351
Chris Cole, Labour, 2950
Del Goddard, Labour, 2419

Ponders End: LAB hold

Chaudhury Anwar, Labour, 3119
Ayfer Orhan, Labour, 2934
Doug Taylor, Labour, 3049

Southbury: 2 LAB swing

Caitriona Margaret Bearyman, Labour, 2604
Christopher Bond, Labour, 2782
Derek Laurence Levy, Labour, 2446

Southgate: CON hold

Alan Geoffrey Barker, Conservative, 2840
Henry Lamprecht, Conservative, 2709
Ann Zinkin, Conservative, 2630

Southgate Green: CON hold

Robert George Hayward, Conservative, 2914
Daniel Christian Alan Pearce, Conservative, 2795
Edward Michael Ian Smith, Conservative, 2626

Town: 1 CON swing

Eric Jukes, Conservative, 3834
Joanne Laban, Conservative, 3702
Michael Rye, Conservative 3903

Turkey Street: 3 LAB swing

Yusuf Cicek, Labour, 2303
Tashin IBRAHIM, Labour, 2267
Donald Mcgown, Labour, 2299

Upper Edmonton Ward: LAB hold

Kate Anolue, Labour, 3310
Andreas Constantinides, Labour, 3345
Christiana During, Labour, 3233

Winchmore Hill: CON hold

Elaine Hayward, Conservative, 3162
Ertan Huhrer, Conservative, 3028
Martin Prescott, Conservative, 3103