Dozens of motorists were caught out in a sting in Bounds Green as police clamped down on drivers making an illegal left turn at a set of dangerous' traffic lights.

Following an ongoing campaign by residents, police took to the streets on Thursday, handing out £30 penalties to the rogue motorists turning left from Bounds Green Road into Brownlow Road.

At a Have Your Say Day held recently by police, residents said the layout at the junction by Bounds Green Tube station put pedestrians expecting a clear crossing, at risk.

Sgt Andy Lea from the Metropolitan Police's Safer Neighbourhood Team for Bounds Green, said: "Drivers race through the side roads to avoid the turn and knock people down.

"Harringey Council is looking at changing the lights in the next two years but we need it done now before a serious accident happens."

Dean Mills, a Blake Road resident, whose grandmother was knocked over at the junction, said: "You don't trust the drivers."

A spokesman for Harringey Council said: "The left turn violation has been reported to our parking enforcement group, which has included it on the list of areas for mobile enforcement."

Dorothy Rynhold, who runs the Passmore Edwards Neighbourhood Watch, said: "The junction is a complete and utter nightmare. It's a death trap for drivers as well as pedestrians. Nobody knows what they're doing as it's just not clear.

"Something has to be done before it's too late.

"There have been so many accidents there, it's only a matter of time before something terrible happens."