I HAVE been meaning to write to the Independent for some time. I was spurred on by a letter by P. Bryce `No Light Relief' in the July 24, issue.

The street light problem is rather more extensive than eight street lights. For over a year or more, street lights have been burning 24 hours constantly in the whole of Antill Road, Tynemouth Road, and Springfield Road area.

I too have contacted Haringey Council on several occasions. Each time a very pleasant lady tells me it will be dealt with. However, I do feel a response time of greater than a year is a bit poor -- no charter mark there!

What is the point of reporting problems if no one responds?

My father (a street lighting engineer) has informed me that `day burners' as they are known, can be easily and cheaply rectified but if left burning, waste thousands of pounds of electricity -- is this another example of Haringey's incompetence? Who is paying for it? And more importantly, aren't we supposed to be conserving energy?


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