A group of Palmers Green residents have resurrected their campaign to block plans to place a mobile phone mast in Hedge Lane.

Enfield Council rejected T-Mobile's application to erect a mast up to 9.7metres high. However the mobile phone giant is now appealing against the decision.

Residents claim the mast would spoil the character of the area and as its base would be on the pavement, it would leave pedestrians and wheelchair users with little room to manoeuvre.

The protests are being co-ordinated by housewife Anne-Marie Mustaka-Anderson who lives with her family in a house near the proposed site.

She said: "Residents are really angry. A lot of people knew the council had rejected the application but not that T-mobile had appealed. It's already a very busy road without this base being there."

The appeal is currently being considered by the Government's Planning Inspectorate. A decision is expected in April.