An animal welfare activist has hit out at Edmonton Green Shopping centre bosses after pigeons were found impaled on anti-roost spikes.

Linda Badham has described the spikes as barbaric' and has called on bosses to remove them from light fittings near Tesco supermarket, claiming four pigeons have died so far.

Ms Badham said: "I couldn't believe it. The pigeons were impaled and left on the spikes for all to see. Children were extremely upset it was just awful and the mess was not cleaned up."

Anti-roost spikes are used to prevent large birds, such as feral pigeons, jackdaws, crows and seagulls, from perching and roosting on building ledges, beams, pipes and ridge-tiles.

Ms Badham said: "Everybody says pigeons are vermin, but they have been around forever. They were used during the war to carry messages, and are wonderful creatures which are very intelligent."

Adrian Gillings, manager of Edmonton Green Shopping Centre said the spikes had been installed to prevent pigeons nesting on top of light fittings in the shopping area.

He insisted only one pigeon had been found dead, and said it had not been impaled by a spike.

He said: "It didn't look good and I can understand why Ms Badham would be upset, so next Friday, the spikes will be removed."