A MAN was acquitted of stalking MP Joan Ryan today because he was deemed to be legally insane.

Paul Davis, 57, of Old Park Avenue, Enfield, had “religious and grandiose” delusions which included telling the Enfield North MP he had the “power of the Lord”, Enfield Magistrates Court heard.

The biopolar disorder sufferer was acquitted of a charge of harassment today on the grounds that he was “floridly” psychotic at the time, Judge Haydn Gott said.

He has been issued with a restraining order but will still be able to contact Ms Ryan by email because he is entitled to be represented as a constituent.

Ms Ryan, who lives on the same street as Mr Davis, said that she had been staying away from her house with family since two incidents last January when Mr Davis had approached her, which had left her “terrified”.

Describing an incident on the morning of January 10 last year, she said: “I went to my car and I heard Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I saw Paul Davis across the road pointing his finger at me. He said you, you!

“My heart was beating fast. I was terrified. I felt like he was going to harm me. He was very angry, I didn’t feel safe and I didn’t think he was going to stop.” Ms Ryan called the police on January 15 when she heard a “roar” outside her house and saw Mr Davis shouting “I have the power of the Lord”.

She said: “He was shouting at the top of his voice. I genuinely believed with the fury he was shouting I was being threatened with violence.”

She added: “He was on my drive walking towards my front door. He turned around to his dog and shouted stay stay stay. He said he was just training his dog.”

Dr Mary Cody from Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust, who has been treating Mr Davis since 1997, compiled a psychiatric report on the day of the second incident which appealed for him to be sectioned under the mental health act.

It described Mr Davis as suffering from a long history of bipolar disorder, which was a "chronic and enduring mental illness", and said had been suffering from a relapse of the illness when the incidents occurred last year.

Mr Davis had previously been cleared of harassing Ms Ryan in 2007 on the grounds of insanity, but was today issued with a restraining order, to last indefinitely, preventing him from using the pavement outside her house.

However, the court stopped short of banning all contact with Ms Ryan, ruling that Mr Davis is still entitled to contact her via her parliamentary email address only.

Judge Gott said: “I have acquitted you of this charge but a recent change in the law makes it possible for the court to issue a restraining order. In your case it is necessary to do so. The purpose of this is not punitive but protective as far as Joan Ryan and Martin Hegarty are concerned.”

He added that Mr Davis’ current medication seemed to be more effective. But he said: “Mr Davis was suffering a chronic and enduring illness. The risk of a relapse is considerable.”

Defence for Mr Davis, Christopher Draycott said the incidents had only occurred when Mr Davis was sick and he had recently been in good health.

Ms Ryan, who attended court with husband Martin Hegarty, told the Enfield Independent: “I don’t doubt he has mental health problems. I know the court has done all it can. I am very relieved it has been very difficult and unpleasant.”