A KENSINGTON Palace resident artist has turned her hand to capturing the residents of Edmonton.

Japanese Manga designer Sonoko Obuchi, 26, from South London, took her sketch book to Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, drawing members of the public for Millfield Arts Centrei relaunch.

The sketches inspired 13 cartoon characters who will feature in a publicity campaign to mark the reopening of Millfield Theatre in October.

One character is Musna, a ten-year-old Somali. She is a great swimmer who wants to compete at the London 2012 Olympics but at the same time enjoys ballet classes in the arts centre.

Ali is a 32-year-old supermarket attendant but has a secret – he plays in a heavy metal rock band, which plays at Millfield Theatre.

Millfield manager Paul Everitt said he thought animation was a “brilliant” way to reflect Edmonton's diversity.

“We were trying to create an image which reflects the diversity of the local community. Every image that we looked at had diversity, but by its nature included one group and excluded another.

“Animation is inclusive, and something that all generations have got a relationship with. Comic as a form is a really old one.”

Millfield has also arranged for a term of Manga drawing classes for 11-16 year olds. The first lesson is tomorrow (April 25).

Mr Everitt added: “We discovered that in Edmonton Green library there was a group of young people who gather every Thursday to read Manga comics.

“We thought 'wouldn't it be fabulous if they could also create Manga? To become active as well as passive in it.'”

New classes are also starting in clay modelling, enhancing digital photographs and set design.

Places can be booked by calling Millfield Arts Centre on 020 8807 6680.