A FAMILY is mourning the loss of their “fun-loving” daughter who was killed in a car crash on her way home from Christmas shopping.

Christina Browne, 17, from St Martin’s Close, in Enfield, was in the car with her boyfriend of two years, 19-year-old Steven Grundon, when their car span off the road and hit a tree last Friday.

Christina was killed on impact and Steven is fighting for his life in hospital with serious head injuries.

Eye-witnesses said the yellow Fiesta hit a tree on the Great Cambridge Road shortly after 1.30pm, before spinning across the road into another sapling.

Flowers, teddy bears and cards from friends and family line the side of the road where Christina died. Her mother Tracy Browne, 44, has been overwhelmed by the tributes to her daughter.

She said: “It’s just brought home to us how much she was loved and how many friends she had. They all loved her.

“We are just numb at the moment. We sit here every night and every time we hear a noise at the front door we think it’s her coming in. She’s going to be missed.”

Christina, known as Chrissie to her friends and Hatti to her family, met her boyfriend Steven, two years ago when she was studying at Kingsmead School in Enfield. She left in April to pursue a career organising sports events.

Her parents recall her delight when they took her to Twickenham stadium two weeks ago.

Mrs Browne said: “She got to see some of the old rugby players. She loved it. The look on her face was pure amazement.”

Her father Malcolm, 53, recalled his daughter: “She was a fun-loving 17-year-old. She liked school but wanted to go and get a job and start her adult life. It’s such a waste.”

Steven, of Green Street, Enfield, is still in a coma unaware of her death.

Mr Browne added: “Steven’s not a boy racer. I don’t want people to think it was his fault.”

The family wish to thank the firefighter who got her out of the car.

Mrs Browne said: “He stayed with her all the time even though she was pronounced dead.

“He sat in the ambulance and rearranged her hair. She was fussy about her hair.”

The family would like to invite anyone who knew Christina to her funeral on Thursday, December 18, at 3.45pm in Enfield Crematorium.

Mrs Browne added: “Anybody attending has to wear something pink because she was a pink freak. Her nickname was pinkie.”

Police think the car may have been in collision with a black Vauxhall Astra before careering off the road.

A 25-year-old man from Waltham Abbey was arrested on Monday on suspicion of manslaughter.