A MAN who held a teenage girl in sex slavery at his Enfield home has been jailed.

Twenty-six-year-old Mentor Brahimi pimped out his 19-year-old victim from a property in Lancaster Road for a month, in March this year.

She had just been brought to the UK by an Eastern European gang, when Brahimi’s wife promised the teenager a room in a safe house, which she saw as an escape route.

But the offer was nothing but a trick and she was forced to sell her body for sex to stay there. She eventually escaped on April 23 and alerted police.

When officers raided Brahimi’s house they found half a kilo of cocaine inside a wardrobe.

At Southwark Crown Court on Monday, the court dismissed claims by him that he worked as a painter and decorator.

Brahimi was convicted and sentenced to five years for trafficking women and four years for controlling prostitution. He was also handed a three-year jail term for cocaine possession and a year for money laundering.

DC Chris Ansell, of the Met’s clubs and vice unit, said: “Brahimi subjected a young and vulnerable woman to repeated sexual abuse to line his own pocket. To exploit a woman who had already been trafficked over from Romania to work as a prostitute shows cruelty in the extreme.”

Det Ch Supt Richard Martin said: “This was a thorough investigation which has stopped the activities of a man who saw his victim as a means to an end, a way to make money, and nothing else. He worked his victim round the clock without a second thought.”