THE SIGHTING of a strange orange rugby ball-shaped UFO in Winchmore Hill has been confirmed by more readers.

Last week investment banker Alison Moynihan told the Independent how she had seen the objects making their way purposefully through the skies close to her home in Hillcrest.

Now, five more people have contacted the Independent with reports of UFOs, ranging from a cone-shaped light with an orange halo to a rugby-ball shaped spacecraft.

It has emerged that in the neighbouring street the lights were also seen by Trina Archer when they appeared on the night of Sunday, August 10.

She said: “I saw one circling the tree in Barber Close and it went off towards Grange Park. I think it’s quite fascinating. It was very bright orange.”

Ms Moynihan ruled out the possibility of it being a Chinese lantern or an aircraft but it seems it has not been the only unexplained sighting.

Mrs Archer, of Wades Hill, was alarmed by a sighting of lights above her street the previous weekend.

She said: “The only way I can describe it was as a jellyfish type of light. They changed colour from white to green and they appeared to be playing.

“My husband called the police and while he was on the phone I called one of my neighbours out.

“She went inside and rang her husband and he said he could see them from Chase Farm.”

After the incident, Mrs Archer’s husband Neil Edwards contacted the Ministry of Defence to see if they knew anything about it, but they told him that the only sighting they had received that evening was from Somerset.

He said: “But when I spoke to the police they told me there had been lots of other sightings that night.”

Mr Edwards, a former member of the Paratroop Regiment, said: “It takes a commercial aircraft 45 seconds to travel from one side of the sky to the other and this thing took three seconds.”

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