Catherine West has won the newly-created Hornsey and Friern Barnet seat for the Labour Party.

The cross-borough constituency takes in the most western part of Haringey, including Crouch End and Muswell Hill, as well as Friern Barnet in neighbouring Barnet.

Ms West previously represented the now-abolished Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

The result was announced at Alexandra Palace in the early hours of Friday morning after voting took place in the general election on Thursday July 4.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service after her victory, the Labour MP said her approach to the new constituency would be “similar” to the old one but getting to know local authorities in Barnet was “a bit more complex”.

She said: “I think the issues are similar, it’s housing. A lot of young people don’t necessarily share the same opportunities as in other parts of London, where incomes are higher. 

“There’s inequality, some people are doing very well, they own their own home, and others are in temporary accommodation or struggling with the housing conditions they have.

“The other thing that will be a bit more complex is the fact that in Barnet they’ll be a whole new set of relationships, getting to know the officials there, getting to know the new situation.”

On the podium West described years of “chaos and confusion” the country had lived through under the previous 14 years of Tory government, and thanked Haringey Council for its “best efforts” along with the “hard working” mayor of London.

West also promised to tackle the “growing queues” outside foodbanks, advocate for people “trapped” in temporary accommodation, reduce waiting lists for mental health services and address the climate crisis. 

The Greens and Liberal Democrats finished a distant second and third, respectively, while the Conservatives were even further back in fourth.

Turnout was 70%.

Here are the Hornsey and Friern Barnet results in full:

  • Catherine West     Labour     28,535 votes     58.7% 
  • Fabio Vollono     Green     7,060 votes     14.5% 
  • Dawn Barnes     Liberal Democrat     6,099 votes     12.5% 
  • Naz Panju     Conservative     4,011 votes     8.2% 
  • Dino Philippos     Workers Party     766 votes     1.6% 
  • Helen Spiby-Vann     Christian Peoples Alliance     182 votes     0.4%