The owners of a dentist’s surgery badly damaged when a car crashed through a wall are calling for changes to the road outside.

A white vehicle smashed into N13 Dental Clinic, in Bowes Road, Palmers Green, shortly before 11pm on May 21.

Mahmood Norouzemeur, who co-owns the clinic with his wife Dr Pegah Ziahosseini, believes “confusing” traffic lights need changing at the junction of Bowes Road (the North Circular) and Powys Lane.

"This is such a dangerous space," said Mr Norouzemeur. "We've witnessed so many accidents and fatalities as well.

"It hit us badly as a business with a car ramming into the clinic. It was lucky it was at 11pm as this could have been really bad, the receptionist could have been sitting at reception and it would have injured her or affected others."

He added: "When people are turning to either Powys Lane or turning from Powys Lane into the North Circular Road, that's where the problem occurs and that's when accidents happen."

He said his CCTV showed the car going through the gap in railings where pedestrians wait to cross – at a place he fears is unsafe.

He said: "Ten minutes earlier some women were waiting to cross and if they had been standing there at that moment they would have been dead.

"That's the wrong place to have that pedestrian crossing. I cannot understand who authorised it as safe."

He also repeated a call for working CCTV, saying police always come to him after crashes.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said CCTV was generally the responsibility of the council.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said it could not comment as the junction is on the Transport for London Road Network and TfL was responsible for cameras, signal timings and pedestrian facilities. 

TfL previously told this paper there are "no plans for changes to the site", but said it used a “data-led” approach to making changes. A spokesman said there had been two serious crashes at the site between January 2021 and December 2023, and it was prioritising other locations with higher rates.

A TfL spokesperson said: "We are actively monitoring the data for this junction and are offering to meet with the community to discuss any concerns or proposals."