WARNING: This story contains some distressing detail

A dead dog has been found mutilated near a children’s playground in Tottenham.

A dog walker stumbled across the body at around 9am on Tuesday (April 23) in Lordship Recreation Ground.  

RSPCA animal rescue officer (ARO) Lee Ricketts described the discovery as “distressing”, adding that the dog’s body had been cut up into several pieces.

He said: “All their limbs had been removed, their head cut off and their spine appeared to have been sawn in half.

“It is believed someone had attempted to burn the remains as parts of the dog had been burned along with the grass around it and there was a smell of burnt fuel.” 

The animal charity has said it suspects that the body could have been carried “with difficulty” through the Walpole Road South Gate close to where it was found.

Alternatively, it could have been driven through the Downhills Park Road Gate, likely late on Monday night, or early on Tuesday morning.

ARO Ricketts said: “I examined the body but at this moment there is no obvious indication of how the dog died.

“It was very clear that it had taken a considerable amount of time and effort to cut up and transport the body to the park.”

He added that the RSPCA was called to a beating incident of a large tan bull breed dog close to the Lordship Lane entrance to the park on the afternoon of April 17.

The animal charity has said it is not sure if this is related to the body’s discovery, but that it is now appealing for information about either incident.

Anyone with information about the dog or the beating incident should contact the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018.