A road in Arnos Grove could be set to get a new bus lane – despite criticism it would be “too short”.

Bowes Road has been selected for a potential new bus route heading east towards the North Circular.

According to a report from Enfield Council a local consultation on the proposals in February 2023 saw 20 objections being received in total, representing about 27% of those consulted, with zero expressions of support for the new bus lane.

Further objections were received after leaflets opposing the plans were distributed by residents “beyond the direct consultation area”, although this also saw some people write in support of the bus lane.

Concerns include how parking demand would be satisfied and how grocery deliveries would be affected in homes that fronted the road.

One objector asserted that Transport for London (TfL) would be “better regulating how traffic proceeds across the junction”.

The bus lane would make it “unsafe” for local drivers leaving their driveways, claimed another objector, while they added the lane itself was too short. 

According to the report, the proposed lane is 200m long, not including the 25m entry taper. 

Bowes Road sits on the boundary line of two wards, New Southgate and Arnos Grove, with the two Conservative councillors for Arnos Grove writing to “reinforce” comments in opposition to the proposals. No responses were received from the Labour representatives of New Southgate. 

In response to some of the concerns raised, the proposals have been revised with changes around parking provisions and shortened operational hours. 

The bus lane is now proposed to run Monday to Friday, from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. 

The council report states roads with the “greatest number of buses” tended to be “wide and busy A-roads”, which Bowes Road is classed under, but these types of roads could sometimes be confused for “residential streets” due to the “presence of fronting homes”. 

The bus lane is set to be fully-funded by a £20,000 grant from TfL.