We are never too old to trip the light fantastic and get back on that dance floor.

That’s according to Barnet Age UK, which is running “Age Without Limits” disco-dances to show that age is no barrier to putting one foot in front of the other.

“We came up with the idea because the over 50s we speak to still want to go out,” Age-friendly co-ordinator Pippa Mannerings explained. “They still want to be sociable, listen to music and dance. That part of their life is not over.

“We all still want to do the things we used to as we get older. So we aim to make this a regular event.”

Some senior ravers were a bit hesitant at first but soon it was hard to keep them off the dance floor at the Ann Owens Centre in Oak Lane, East Finchley.

Barnet councillor Gill Sargeant came along with her aunt Arabella, who was celebrating her 91st birthday reliving her dancing days!