A WOMAN who was filmed repeatedly beating a puppy with a riding crop has been banned from keeping animals for ten years.

The shocking footage shows Milly Beth Turnham, 23, throw young collie Shelby into a room from shoulder height before carrying out a prolonged attack on the cowering pup.

The footage, which was filmed at an address in Bridgwater led to Turnham being investigated and prosecuted by the RSPCA.

She was sentenced at Highbury Magistrates' Court after the case was transferred from Taunton Magistrates' Court because Turnham has now moved to Durants Road, Ponders End, Enfield. 

The animal welfare charity was contacted with concerns about Turnham’s behaviour towards tri-coloured collie Shelby, who was just six months old at the time of the attack.

The sickening video was shared with the charity after it had been uploaded onto Facebook by Turnham’s partner, who filmed the incident in April 2022.

Vet Dr David Martin, who viewed the footage, said: “The video shows an extreme level of violence.

"Undoubtedly this will have caused pain as a result of both being thrown and being hit with a riding crop repeatedly and the dog will certainly have sustained significant bruising and potentially more serious injuries as a result.

“There is no reason for such behaviour towards the dog. Physical chastisement plays no part in modern dog training as it is widely recognised that dogs learn through positive encouragement as opposed to negative reinforcement.

“In addition to the physical suffering the dog has clearly suffered extreme fear and distress as a result of being thrown and beaten and this will have long-term implications for the dog’s health and welfare with a need for the dog to receive appropriate behavioural support in the future.”

Turnham, who admitted an animal welfare offence relating to the attack on Shelby, also pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a second dog.

The court heard a husky cross called Joker was severely malnourished as a result of Turnham failing to provide adequate nutrition.

Alongside the disqualification order, which she cannot appeal against for five years, she was handed a 16-week prison term suspended for one year, and 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.

RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said: “Turnham inflicted appalling and totally unnecessary violence on this young dog.

"The footage showing Shelby trapped in a corner of the room with no way to escape as she is repeatedly beaten by Turnham with a weapon is truly sickening. It’s heartbreaking to see such fear and distress.”

Joker was rehomed prior to RSPCA involvement. Shelby was taken into RSPCA care and has since found a happy new home.