Two Metropolitan Police officers involved in the stop and search of two black athletes have been found to have committed gross misconduct. 

Olympic sprinter Ricardo Dos Santos, 28, and his partner Team GB and Enfield and Haringey AC athlete Bianca Williams, 29, who was born in Enfield, were stopped in Maida Vale as they drove home from training with their baby son on July 4, 2020. 

The couple were handcuffed and searched on suspicion of having drugs and weapons after they were pulled over outside their property, but nothing was found. 

They later made a complaint to the police watchdog saying they were racially profiled. 

Five officers – Acting Police Sergeant Rachel Simpson, Pc Allan Casey, Pc Jonathan Clapham, Pc Michael Bond and Pc Sam Franks – were accused of breaching police standards during the stop and search and all gave evidence over the course of the misconduct hearing in which they denied accusations of racism. 

The police followed the athletes as they drove to their west London home with their baby in the back seat of their Mercedes. 

Enfield Independent: Bianca Williams and Ricardo Dos Santos outside Palestra HouseBianca Williams and Ricardo Dos Santos outside Palestra House (Image: James Manning/PA)

The panel heard they followed Mr Dos Santos in their police carrier because of the “appalling” and “suspicious” nature of his driving and were doing their duty when they conducted the stop and search. 

On Wednesday, the panel found Pc Clapham and Pc Franks had lied about smelling cannabis during the stop and search. 

Chairwoman Chiew Yin Jones said their conduct had breached standards of professional behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity and thus amounted to gross misconduct. 

Pcs Casey and Bond and Ps Simpson were found not to have breached any standards. 

Sanctions against Pcs Clapham and Franks will be delivered by the panel on Friday at noon.