Lee Valley Riding Centre has launched a ground breaking equestrian simulator in a game-changing addition to its activities that promises to transform the learning to ride experience for enthusiasts from East London and beyond.

The centre is managed by the charitable social enterprise and worker-owned cooperative GLL, operating under the community-brand Better, and is introducing an interactive Equestrian Simulator, a cutting edge piece of equipment that sets a new standard in riding training thanks to a £76,000 investment from Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

The simulator is widely acclaimed and utilised by professionals as well as amateurs worldwide, seen as a fundamental training aid with numerous benefits for riders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned equestrians, as well as children and riders with disabilities.

The key advantage lies in the simulator’s ability to replicate multiple riding scenarios, offering a dynamic and adaptive training platform. The versatility of the Equestrian Simulator ensures every rider receives a tailored and exceptional experience during their training sessions.

Beyond enhancing riding skills and balance, it also provides immediate visual feedback on seat position and riding movements. The Equestrian Simulator will revolutionise training and rider development with an engaging as well as innovative approach.

"This ground breaking technology will enable us to offer an unmatched riding experience to our diverse community of riders," said Nicky Ward, General Manager at Lee Valley Riding Centre.

“Whether you're a beginner or an experienced equestrian, young or old, or even if you have physical or mental challenges, this simulator will open up new possibilities and enhance the joy of horse riding."

Shaun Dawson, chief executive at Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, added: “This investment reflects our commitment to advancing equestrian experiences and fostering inclusivity within the riding community. This cutting edge simulator will enable new audiences to experience the joys of horse riding for the first time while providing unparalleled training opportunities for our more experienced riders. We’re excited to see the positive impact it has at the centre.”

The Equestrian Simulator at Lee Valley Riding Centre is now open for bookings, and the team is excited to welcome riders. For more information or to schedule a session, visit https://www.better.org.uk/leisure-centre/lee-valley/riding-centre/equestrian-simulator-session.