Five old school pals who have known each other for five decades are planning to sit on the equivalent of all 62,800 seats at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in one five-hour “sitting”.

Mark Fielding, Bruce MacCabe, Robert Clarke, Scott Lewis and Stephen Pettingill, all Spurs fans now approaching 65, left Ambrose Fleming School in Enfield Highway in 1975, and are keeping the “five” theme with a target to raise £5,000 for research into Motor Neurone Disease.

Bruce's son Stuart was diagnosed with the disease soon after the birth of his baby girl at the age of just 35.

Two of the group still live in Enfield, retired BT manager Mark in Oakwood and retired civil servant Stephen in Ponders End, and they meet up with the others each year over a pint.

They decided they wanted to support Stuart with a charity fundraiser.

“We came up with the idea of sitting in every seat in the stadium,” Mark explained. “We’ve been Spurs supporters since 1969, the team that Stuart also supports.”

The pals approached Spurs with their idea to sit in all 62,820 seats. Spurs bosses agreed to let them have the South Stand with its 17,500 seats on August 22, which means they’ll take breaks and start all over again to equal the seating of the whole stadium.

“We knew we’d have our work cut out,” Mark adds. “So we’ve got friends and family joining in.

“Getting up and down will be difficult for some of us, so adjudicators say we can slide from one to another.”

The pals did a trial run last month on one row of 34 seats, which took 60 seconds. They worked out from that just how long it will take and how many people they would need to help and another five checkers to make sure they sit on the correct number.

The oddball fundraiser has been arranged through the Doddie Weir Foundation, named after the Scottish rugby player who was diagnosed with the disease. The foundation’s mission needs funds to help create “a world free of Motor Neurone Disease”.

Wellwishers can support the stadium challenge on Robert Clark’s page on the “” website at