A schoolboy has been suspended after allegedly firing a BB gun which hit a staff member.

Enfield Grammar School is investigating the incident which happened on June 8 at 2.30pm after the staff worker was in a car preparing to go home.

Christopher Lamb, headteacher, said the Met's Safer Schools officer was contacted and the boy temporarily suspended while an investigation takes place.

He said: "On that Thursday a member of staff was hit by a BB gun. The student who fired it said it ricocheted off the ground and went through the window of the car. That's being looked into.

"The police were informed and the BB gun was confiscated from the student.

"The student has been suspended for three days while we do an investigation but obviously BB guns are a prohibited item by the school and this could lead to a longer suspension."

He said the car was stationary at the time as the staff member had just finished a shift and that the employee had not reported it to the police.

"The member of staff that was hit was absolutely fine, bit shook up to be honest. No blood, no bruising, just a bit shook up."

Mr Lamb said he was due to speak to the pupil and his parents. He said the Safer Schools officer was working with the Met and on Monday was collecting the gun so it could be used as evidence.

"I'm mostly disappointed that a pupil has done something that they shouldn't. Very very pleased that the staff member was fine," Mr Lamb added.

"I want to know exactly what was done and why before we decide on what sanctions and what steps to take." 

The Met confirmed they were in touch with the safer school's officer.