A pub hoping to entice Beyoncé fans has rebranded some of its beers with names drawing on the pop superstar's lyrics.

Beavertown Brewery’s Corner Pin pub in High Road sits directly opposite Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where Queen Bey is performing five shows this week.

The pub says it has changed the names of some of its on-tap beers to reflect the music icon’s records.

Beavertown’s ‘Neck Oil’ has become ‘Necky With The Good Hair’, a riff on the lyric “Becky with the good hair” in fan favourite Lemonade, widely interpreted as a reference to husband Jay-Z’s infidelity.

Fans can now also sip on ‘Gamma Bey’, a take on ‘Gamma Ray’ and, in place of ‘Bones’, there will be ‘Bonesilicious’, a reference to Destiny Child’s song Bootylicious.

The Corner Pin pub will be open from 12pm on weekdays and from 11am on weekends, meaning fans will have plenty of time to sample the beers before the Renaissance concert starts.

The renamed beers will only be available to drink until Sunday (June 4), the date of Beyoncé’s last performance in Beavertown’s hometown.

The pop star has already performed twice this week, and is set to sing on Thursday (June 1) and Friday (June 2), as well as the final Sunday date.