A robber who targeted lone women across north London leaving them “terrified” has been jailed.

Marco Marques Correia, 44, of no fixed address, carried out a spate of robberies in Enfield and Haringey during April 2020.

Police said that Marques Correia would target lone women in broad daylight, before making off in a silver Vauxhall Corsa.

Detective Constable Harry Mansbridge, who led the investigation, claimed that the 44-year-old committed the offences against lone women believing he “could take advantage and easily overpower them”.

He was found guilty of four counts of robbery and jailed for six and a half years at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday (May 26).

The first robbery took place in High Road, Tottenham on April 7, 2020 at around 10.55am.

Five days later, Marques Correia targeted a woman in Amhurst Park near Stamford Hill station at around 7am.

On April 13, two robberies were reported in Tottenham – one in Dysons Road at around 8.15am, and one in Lawrence Road at 9.45am.

Police said that Marques Correia played a variety of different roles during the robberies, working with a number of accomplices.

It is believed he sometimes physically committed the robberies, but on other occasions was tasked with driving the car.

As part of the investigation detectives sought to identify further individuals involved in the robberies, but they remain unidentified to this day.

After receiving reports of the robberies, police were able to determine the Silver Vauxhall Corsa as being registered to Marco Marques Correia.

The 44-year-old was then arrested and interviewed, but provided no comment in his police interview.

He was eventually charged with four counts of robbery on September 16, 2022.

DC Harry Mansbridge said: “Marco Marques Correia provided no excuse for his involvement in the robberies. He was emotionless and showed no remorse for his actions throughout the trial.

“Marques Correia and the other robbers he was working with specifically targeted lone women, as they believed they could take advantage and easily overpower them.

“Their violent actions left the victims terrified for their safety and has left a last impact on them all.

“I’d like to thank the quick-thinking individuals who called the police as soon as these robberies happened and provided information to officers.

“By reporting a robbery as soon as it has taken place it makes all the difference to our investigations.

“The first hour after a robbery takes place or the ‘Golden Hour’ is critical to capturing robbers.”