Travellers in London are being reassured that the capital is being prepared for Beast from the East 2. 

Preparations come as weather forecasters warn that similar weather which occurred in 2018 and resulted in the Beast from the East, could hit the UK again. 

The Met Office shared that a major sudden jump in temperatures through a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) could trigger a large area of blocking high pressure later this month or early March. 

SSW took place back in 2018 and saw the Beast from the East hit the UK  and blanket much of the UK, including London. 

Enfield Independent:

London prepares for Beast from the East 2

However, the Met Office has stressed that an SSW will not necessarily mean a repeat of the Beast from the East.

They shared that for the next week or so, it is likely to lead to "changeable conditions" with temperatures milder than average.

The Met Office said: "At the start of March, high pressure will likely dominate across the UK, with any more unsettled weather."

"Temperatures will likely be around or slightly above average for the whole period, with perhaps colder conditions relative to average more likely later in the period. There remains a small probability of much colder weather developing as we move further into March."