Workers have claimed that a flooding issue at a popular swimming pool was left unresolved for months prior to its closure.

Staff claim that flooding in the plant room of Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness due to a broken water pump started “a couple of months” before the venue shut at the beginning of this year.

Internal correspondence from Fusion, which operates the pool for Haringey Council, suggests that portable pumps were used to manage water levels in the plant room until these also began to fail towards the end of December 2022.

According to these documents, on December 31, energy company UK Power Networks attempted to isolate the building from its wider network to ensure safe access to the plant room.

The leisure centre in Phillip Lane has been shut ever since, and there is currently no date scheduled for it to reopen.

A Fusion spokesperson said: "We are very concerned to hear about comments being made concerning Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness. 

“We are investigating these reports, while working hard to get the centre open as soon as possible in partnership with the council and insurers."

Another leisure centre operated by Fusion, Park Road Pools, was shut on January 27 after a Haringey Council inspection “identified maintenance issues”. This pool reopened on Wednesday (February 8).

Fusion operates nine leisure centres in north London and 66 across the UK.