Blue plaques are usually used to commemorate the former homes and workplaces of London’s rich and famous.

They aren’t usually placed in bus stops or park benches - but that’s exactly what homelessness charity All People All Places (APAP) is doing across Enfield and Haringey as part of an awareness campaign launched this month.

The iconic blue plaques have been placed in rough sleeping spots across the boroughs and each tell a story of a once homeless person who has been helped by the local charity.

Enfield Independent: Blue plaques have been placed as part of a campaign to highlight rough sleepingBlue plaques have been placed as part of a campaign to highlight rough sleeping (Image: All People All Places)

George Dunstall, CEO at APAP, said: “We're so excited to launch this campaign. It's about keeping the light on the rising issue of homelessness whilst focusing on the many positive stories there are tell.

“Whether people are forced to sleep on the streets or have the constant stress of not knowing whose floor they will sleep on tonight, it is vital we’re able to support them in navigating their way beyond homelessness.”

Enfield Independent: Another example of a blue plaqueAnother example of a blue plaque (Image: All People All Places)

The number of people sleeping rough in Haringey has increased by 22 per cent during 2022, according to figures published by the Greater London Authority.

More than half were sleeping rough for the first time, a 40 per cent increase compared to the previous year.