A popular pizza takeaway is opening a new branch in Enfield.

Fireaway, which has more than 125 branches, will be coming to 57–59 Church Street.

The takeaway will open its doors to customers next Tuesday, November 1.

Enfield Independent: An inside look of FireawayAn inside look of Fireaway (Image: Fireaway)

Pizzas at the takeaway are baked for no more than three minutes in a 400C oven, the takeaway boasts.

Founder Mario Aleppo says he set out to create an unrivalled pizza experience by going to Italy and meeting farmers who now send him tomatoes directly from Naples. He then negotiated with mills in northern Italy who prepare the flour to his own specifications.

Enfield Independent: A pizza going into the oven in FireawayA pizza going into the oven in Fireaway (Image: Fireaway)

He said: “We like to innovate and have also introduced the full range of gluten-free and vegan options to ensure there is something for everyone.”