A travelling vintage funfair described as the “largest in the world” is running its final tour as it is now up for slae.

Carters Steam Fair, which opened its attractions in Priory Park, Hornsey earlier this year, is now in hope of finding a permanent site and a new owner.

The fair, which featured in the films Rocketman and Paddington 2, has various vintage rides and games including a chair-o-plane, dodgems and a coconut shy.

All of the rides, which date from the 1890s to the 1960s, have been restored to their original style.

Enfield Independent: A member of staff at the fair in Reading.Credit: PAA member of staff at the fair in Reading.Credit: PA (Image: PA)

It was last seen in Horsney at the beginning of July and will be put up for one last time in Reading between October 22 to October 30.

Joby Carter, 47, who manages the fair and has worked on it since he was a child, said that the decision to sell up had been “a long time coming”.

Mr Carter said: “We’re not taking it lightly because I live and breathe the fair. I love it. But the pandemic came along and I was introduced to these things called weekends. I got to see my family more and I did reasonable hours in the day.

“It showed me a different way of life. I wrote a signwriting book; I taught signwriting online.”

Enfield Independent: The fair was in Hornsey twice this year. Credit: PAThe fair was in Hornsey twice this year. Credit: PA (Image: PA)

The funfair began in 1977 when Mr Carter’s parents, John and Anna Carter, bought an 1895 Jubilee Steam Gallopers ride.

Mr Carter said that the family are selling the fair because it is difficult to find staff and that the rides get damaged while touring because of being exposed to the elements.

Having received no “sensible offer”, Mr Carter said: “We would happily run it ourselves if we thought that someone could help us find a location.

“We haven’t got the land and haven’t got the big shed. Is there someone out there who has an existing visitor attraction, who could add it to that place and give it a new lease of life?

“We’re hoping that someone will come along, be it a government body, a council, or a trust who believes its important and wants to carry it on.”