Olympians and an ex-Spurs defender handed out some unusual prizes at an athletics club's inaugural awards evening.

Be Fit Today Track Academy, a track club that encourages young people to excel at athletics, held the ceremony at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton.

A total of 120 guests attended on Sunday (October 8) as the young athletes and family members gathered to celebrate their successes - not all of them on track or field.

Three special guest speakers included double Olympian Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, who was the silver medallist at the European championships in the 200m.

Enfield Independent: Nethaneel Mitchell Blake addressing the audience.Nethaneel Mitchell Blake addressing the audience. (Image: Web)

Eugene Amo-Dadzie, the third fastest 100m UK sprinter in 2022, ad ex-Tottenham Hotspur player Sebastien Bassong also presented awards.

The awards categories were not all for sporting prowess and included grafter of the year, best leader, greatest attendance, early bird of the year, rookie of the year, social media don, funniest athlete, citizenship award, highest climber, toughest athlete and athlete of the year.

One academy member, Delaine Lee-Farrel, said: "At 18 I thought time was running out for me, but Eugene Amo-Dadzie said he started at 26 years and is now at 30 years with a wife and child and working as a chartered accountant 9am to 5pm.

“He is number three in the UK for 100m and still improving. So there's no excuse for me. Big inspiration!" 

Enfield Independent: Ex Spurs footballer Sebastien Bassong during his speech.Ex Spurs footballer Sebastien Bassong during his speech. (Image: Web)

Club chairman and head coach TJ Ossai said: "I'm very happy how the day went.

“Our guest speakers were exceptional in their message which for me was the real gem in the event.

“It is important to acknowledge and celebrate our young people, but even more key for them to be surrounded by positive role models who they can identify with, and who will inspire them and bring an element of tangibility to their aspirations, teaching them that most successful people have first been unsuccessful but simply kept it moving on to the next opportunity to try again!"