Over 200 people who “have had enough” of the cost-of-living crisis launched a new network to “fight against the devastation”.

The Haringey Community and Trade Union network launched on Tuesday September 6 with an event at North London Community House in Moorefield Road.

The group aims “to build solidarity, collective support and action” through discussion of real action that foodbanks, local trade unions, and community groups representing claimants, renters, environmentalists and anti-racists can take together.

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Newly elected convenor of the network Steve Jones said: “The very first meeting of the Haringey Community Action Network was an incredible success, with standing room only.

“This wasn’t your usual event where people come along to hear how bad things are, we all shout and holler, and nothing happens.

“This is the beginning of something very different.”

Enfield Independent: Bakers Union president Ian Hodson. Picture:@DadzoolaBakers Union president Ian Hodson. Picture:@Dadzoola (Image: @Dadzoola)

Bakers Union president Ian Hodson spoke at the event.

He said: “It’s a pleasure to come to Haringey to support you.

“At the end of the day, this is about you, this is about us, this is about the fight that we must have to have the right to a decent life that everyone in our communities deserve.

“Politics is supposed to be done for people.

“The working class haven’t heard ourselves for a long, long time.”

The group has highlighted rising fuel costs and inflation but also pointed towards “hope” in the form of strike action in rail, post, bus, and telecoms industries.

Mr Jones added: “It looks like Liz Truss will do nothing to squeeze the outrageous greed of the bosses at the top of these companies and we will foot the bill for years to come.

"This is a cost of greed crisis and it has to stop.

Enfield Independent: Steve Jones. Picture: @DadzoolaSteve Jones. Picture: @Dadzoola (Image: @Dadzoola)

“We will bring together the struggles that are taking place and support unions who are fighting for a decent pay rise and to protect their working conditions and jobs.

"At the same time we will develop new campaigns and demands that will reach out to the majority in our community and we welcome anyone who wants to get involved.”