THIS is the moment that, in an unassuming residential road, a man believes he witnessed aliens landing in Enfield.

Engineer Paul Pleasance, 50, of Ladysmith Road, said the apparition, or half-alien, or perhaps strange pattern of light, lingered for half an hour outside his window.

He said: "Nobody else saw it. I think it was a real alien. It was weird because it was in the shadow, coming in between the houses.

"I showed my family. My niece, who is nine, enjoyed it and said she was happy there are aliens in my street."

Mr Pleasance, a costs engineer for Amec, an engineering and project management consultancy, said he was even more bemused to find that it looked a bit like his company logo.

He said: "I thought it was my boss keeping an eye on me."

But expert Roy Lake, of Barking-based London UFO Studies, is not so sure that it is visitors from outer space.

A UFO and paranormal observer since 1953, he said: "I believe it is a complete hoax personally. I have got footage that will blow your mind - that is nothing at all.

"It looks like someone has done it on a camera or it's a reflection of a chimney or a window."

However Mr Pleasance vehemently denies the allegation, saying: "I didn't do anything to make an image appear."

According to a report on website, extra terrestrial activity has increased in the skies above Loughton, Essex recently, while according to information released by the Ministry of Defence under the Freedom of Information Act there were nine reports of sightings of UFOs in London in 2007, (a similar figure was quoted on the website).

But the website also says: "With the increase of sightings reports in and around the Loughton, Essex area, readers should be aware of companies such as (lantern company) UFO Balloons, as their products could account for some of the sighting reports"

But it seems for one morning in Enfield that aliens may really have landed.

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