A church has commemorated the role of local faith communities in the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine and paid tribute to those who lost loved ones through the pandemic.

In July, residents and community figures including local Imams, clergy, and councillors joined the service at St Michael’s Church Wood Green, titled “Lament, Thanksgiving and Restoration.”

St Michael’s is one of a number of religious centres across the borough which opened up their doors in 2021 to vaccinate the local population.

The Bishop of Edmonton, the Rt Revd Rob Wickham, said: "It was a joy to speak at this poignant service, and to pay tribute to Haringey’s faith groups for their tireless dedication in supporting the health of their neighbourhoods over the past few years.

"Religious groups, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu, all have a unique place in Haringey’s communities, and a unique responsibility to care for those around them.

"London was one of the worst affected areas through the pandemic, and without the peerless leadership and support of local religious organisations I am sure the impact of Covid would have proved even more devastating."

Owen Sloman, assistant director at NHS Haringey and Churchwarden of St Ann’s South Tottenham, added: "At a pop-up vaccination clinic in a mosque, there’s an old man with an arm in a homemade sling, waiting patiently in line with a note saying: ‘Father Ben sent me’. I thought, ‘our community is coming together.’

"When we reach across boundaries, we protect the most vulnerable. This is how it should be in Haringey."