Plans to open a takeaway in a former barbers’ shop in Enfield Town have been deferred amid concerns over the impact of extra traffic.

The proposal to turn The Hair Studio in Fillebrook Avenue into a hot food takeaway was discussed during a meeting of Enfield Council’s planning committee on Tuesday.

Planning officers at the civic centre had recommended the scheme for approval, despite receiving 23 written objections and a petition against the scheme signed by 100 people.

Opponents warned the takeaway would lead to an increase in traffic, noise and pollution, and would not be in keeping with the surroundings. The disused barbers is part of a short row of shops in a predominantly residential area.

Speaking during the committee meeting, Conservative councillor Mike Rye said people driving to collect food from the takeaway would “greatly increase the noise and disturbance to neighbours”.

He added: “The impact will be significant, and there will be harm that occurs to the people who live close by.”

Noting that it was unclear whether the applicant planned to use mopeds to deliver food, he asked why a transport survey had not been carried out.

A transport officer responded that he was unsure why the survey had not been conducted, but it may have been because other uses, such as turning the site into a convenience store, would have a similar impact. He added that the shop could become a restaurant or cafe without requiring planning approval.

Planning decisions manager David Gittens said the council’s environmental health team did not consider the proposals likely to give rise to problems with noise or disturbance.

But councillors continued to raise concerns. Labour’s Doug Taylor said it would be difficult to make a decision without appreciating what the traffic impact would be.

Peter Fallart, a Conservative committee member, said it was now the norm for takeaways to have a delivery service, which often leads to motorcycles congregating nearby waiting for work. “I think an assessment of how that would affect the area would be useful,” he added.

Cllr Rye proposed deferring the application, and his motion was unanimously supported by the committee.