Plans for a new wetlands area in Edmonton to protect homes from flooding have been approved by councillors.

The wetlands scheme is set to be created in Wilbury Way Open Space, which lies between the North Circular Road and Whitehead Close and is bordered by Pymmes Brook.

Designed to capture water during extreme weather events, it will also provide a wildlife habitat and become a new amenity for residents.

The project, which is the latest in a series of flood-prevention schemes introduced across the borough by Enfield Council, was approved during a meeting of the authority’s planning committee on Tuesday.

Planning officer Gideon Whittingham told the committee the scheme would involve creating four wetland cells, with the spoil excavated used to construct an embankment at the side of Pymmes Brook to retain water during extreme rainfall events.

He added that although twelve trees would be removed to make way for the scheme, 40 semi-mature trees would be planted, alongside hundreds of saplings.

Under questioning from Conservative committee member Mike Rye, Mr Whittingham said an area used by young people to play football would remain “subject to the construction process”.

Responding to Labour’s Doug Taylor, who also raised concerns over the impact on play space, the planning officer said the construction process would last between ten and twelve weeks.

According to the planning report, a playground at the site “will be retained and improved through better drainage”.

The application was unanimously approved by members of the committee.