Long-serving councillor Gina Adamou hopes to inspire young people to get involved in politics during her fourth term as mayor of Haringey.

Cllr Adamou, who has been a councillor for more than 30 years, pledged to be “a mayor for the whole of the borough” after being sworn in during Haringey Council’s annual general meeting (AGM) on Monday.

She is the first female councillor of Cypriot origin to have held the mayoralty.

“I simply do feel very honoured to do this again,” Cllr Adamou told the AGM. “I live in the middle of the borough, and believe me, I am a mayor for the whole of the borough.

“I like to be seen by the communities and by our young children. I want our young children to see a woman who has an accent, [who] came from another country – an ordinary woman, an ordinary mum, an ordinary grandmother who worked all her life for a living.

“I want them to think that if I can do it, they certainly will, and I hope [go] a lot higher and become prime minister one day. Could you imagine, from Haringey? It would be excellent.”

Cllr Adamou will raise funds for mental health charity Mind during her term in office. The new mayor said mental health was “more important than ever” following the Covid-19 pandemic, and that she was aware of young people suffering and “showing signs of mental stress and problems” at school.

She also hopes to work with another small charity that focuses on young people’s mental health.

Cllr Adamou replaces Adam Jogee, who served as mayor for two years. Cllr Jogee is now cabinet member for economic development, jobs and community cohesion.

Newly-elected councillor Lester Buxton, who represents Crouch End ward, will serve as deputy mayor during the 2022/23 municipal year.