A top neurosurgeon returned to his Enfield primary school this week to tell students to aim high.

Paediatric neurosurgeon Mano Shanmuganathan spoke to students at Churchfield Primary about his time at school, which inspired him to dream of becoming a doctor.

Mano, who also appeared on the Channel 4 series Bear Grylls Treasure Island, was joined by pupils from The Latymer School, which he also attended, as well as Churchfield, Brimsdown, Lavender and Walker schools.

Mano said: “I grew up in Edmonton and went to two amazing schools. Churchfield took me in and made me feel part of a community.

Enfield Independent:

A Latymer student helps primary students at Mano's former school - Ivy Learning Trust

“The Latymer School gave me the confidence to go on to study medicine at university. I’ve been able to do some amazing things in my life because of these two Enfield schools.

He added: “I hope that my journey can encourage the next generation to aim high and chase their dreams.”

The Latymer School has been teaching Enfield students since 1624.

The school maintains a firm focus on helping the community. Each year it has 20 places available for local children on Free School Meals who rank 900 or higher in the maths and verbal reasoning test.

Enfield Independent:

Students at Mano's former school - Ivy Learning Trust

The event was organised by the Ivy learning trust. Trust CEO Matthew Kleiner-Mann said: “Many children from Enfield schools have gone on to thrive at The Latymer School and beyond but there are some pupils who don’t even consider applying.

“Often, they don’t think they’re good enough to get a place. We want the children to see what they are capable of achieving.”

The event was clearly well received by staff, students and former students alike.

Matthew added: “It was such a success that we’re now planning to hold it annually. We hope that children from more Enfield schools will attend in the future.”

“It was such a pleasure to hear a former pupil's experiences and see them chatting with children from their old primary schools.

“I know that the children were incredibly inspired by what they heard.”

Enfield Independent:

Mano Shanmuganathan with students at his former school - Ivy Learning Trust

Mano, who attended The Latymer from 1988-95, is now one of two paediatric neurosurgeons in Northern Ireland. In 2019, he took part in Channel 4’s series Bear Grylls Treasure Island.