Motorists without permits will be prevented from using a road near a Tottenham school at drop off and pick up times from later this month.

A notice from Haringey Council in this week’s edition of the Enfield and Haringey Independent details the introduction of a school street zone outside Harris Academy.

School street schemes are aimed at reducing pollution and the risk of children being involved in road accidents as they travel to and from schools.

The pedestrian and cycle zone will be introduced between 8am and 9.15am and 2.30pm to 4.15pm during school term time in Ashley Road N17, from the northern kerb line of Burdock Road, north for its remaining length.

In addition, there will be no loading at any time restrictions on the following lengths of road:

Ashley Road: West side – at junction with Burdock Road, a distance of 20m.

Burdock Road: North side – at junction with Ashley Road, a distance of 6m.

The restrictions are due to come into operation on March 28 and will last for a maximum of 18 months. The council will consider in due course whether to make the zone permanent.

Meanwhile, motorists in and around Enfield may face disruption due to some streets being temporarily shut for roadworks.

The dates when works are carried out may vary from those publicised in the Enfield Council notices.

Newby Close EN1 is set to be shut at its junction with Connaught Avenue, as and when directed by signage, for one day on March 28.

Woodland Way N21 is due to be closed at its junction with Bourne Hill for a distance of 50m northwards, as and when directed by signage, “at any time” for three days from March 30.

When the closures are in place, the diversion will be via Woodland Way, Hillfield Park, Bourne Hill and vice versa.

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