AN ENFIELD resident in Silver Street shortly after the stabbing of Louis Boduka on Monday has said she was shocked by the response of school children at the scene.

Carla McEnroe, 20, was in Silver Street shortly after the incident and saw a large group of school children taking pictures of the crime scene with mobile phones.

She said: "I saw him lying there and everything sort of kicked off. They were all running and barging to get as close as they could. They were laughing about it and filming it on their phones.

"I was actually stunned, the reality was that there was a young boy lying dead on the pavement."

Ms McEnroe said the large group of school pupils were on a school bus which was forced to stop where the road had been blocked off.

She said the pupils, aged around 14, were laughing and yelling that someone had been stabbed.

She said: "It was surreal, I'm not down on these people, I'm not saying they are of a different nature to me but I was stunned."