A seven-bed, four-bathroom twin set of victorian homes based in Leytonstone in the borough of Waltham Forest is on sale now on Rightmove.

For a reasonable price of £1.9 million the semi-detached property is up now and has a driveway room for six to eight cars and the potential to expand

The home is perfect for extended families and is close to Hollow Ponds and under a five-minute walk to Leytonstone Station. 

With period features still in tack and plenty of storage space, the home is perfect for large families.

The large living room has plenty of space for a large sofa and features an original Victorian fireplace with detailed artwork. 

Enfield Independent: The large living room. (Rightmove)The large living room. (Rightmove)

One of the two kitchens, with a diner-themed feel, plenty of workspaces, and the room to modernise. 

Enfield Independent: The diner-themed kitchen. (Rightmove)The diner-themed kitchen. (Rightmove)

The house also has an impressive large log cabin attached that has plenty of space for a large table to enjoy family dinners. 

Enfield Independent: The large cabin. (Rightmove)The large cabin. (Rightmove)

The garden is shaded with a cover and features artificial grass and outdoor furniture. 

Enfield Independent: The shaded garden. (Rightmove)The shaded garden. (Rightmove)

Just one of the many large reception rooms that could be made into a bedroom to give the home a more family feel. 

Enfield Independent: A reception room. (Rightmove)A reception room. (Rightmove)

Currently used as storage space, this room would make a perfect bedroom with plenty of space to enjoy. 

Enfield Independent: One of the seven bedrooms. (Rightmove)One of the seven bedrooms. (Rightmove)

The largest of the seven bedrooms nearly takes up a whole floor with loads of space to use and the chance to create two bedrooms. 

Enfield Independent: The largest bedroom. (Rightmove)The largest bedroom. (Rightmove)

The bathroom is comfortable and modern with a large bath and shower. 

Enfield Independent: The modern bathroom. (Rightmove)The modern bathroom. (Rightmove)


Where: Colworth Road, Leytonstone

How much: £1.9 million

Estate Agents: The Stow Brothers.