A fake Wetherspoon account has been reported after a customer was told staff rejected him because they didn't like the look of him.

The pub-goer messaged what he believed was Watford's The Moon Under Water Facebook complaining that he was denied entry for wearing joggers after 7pm.

He said he pointed to someone sat behind the manager wearing similar attire only to be told that was allowed because he was in the pub before 7pm.

But to the customer's fury the bogus account responded: "We've told staff to use this as an excuse when they don't like the look of somebody."

Enfield Independent: A screenshot from the Facebook chatA screenshot from the Facebook chat

The profile, which is called Wetherspoons Pubs and has 1,549 followers, added: "I hope this clears things up.

"All the best, and we look forward to welcoming you soon."

After being approached by the Watford Observer, Wetherspoon's spokesperson Eddie Gershon said: “The response was sent from a fake Facebook page (Weatherspoon [sic] Pubs) which is not authorised or in any way affiliated with J D Wetherspoon Plc.

"Wetherspoon’s head office will be contacting Facebook to request that the fake page is removed."

Enfield Independent: The Moon Under WaterThe Moon Under Water

He added: "Regarding the customer’s enquiry, the MUW, Watford does operate a policy of no jogging bottoms after 7pm on a Friday and Saturday night which we understand is in line with most other local operators."

J D Wetherspoon’s corporate website states the following with regard to dress policy: “Some pubs operate specific dress codes at all or certain times.

"For information on these requirements, speak directly to the team of the pub you wish to visit.”