A man has been sentenced for murder after killing a man at a fast-food restaurant in a targeted shooting.

Khallid Hogan, 20, of Manor Court in Enfield, was previously convicted of murdering Abdullahi Mohamoud after a trial at the Old Bailey.

The shooting took place on March 19, 2020, just a few days before the UK’s first lockdown was officially declared.

Abdullahi was waiting for his food at a restaurant in Hertford Road, Enfield, when Hogan walked in and started firing a gun at him.


Abdullahi Mohamoud (Photo: Met Police)

Abdullahi Mohamoud (Photo: Met Police)

At first Hogan fired his gun four times, with all four bullets missing the target, and Abdullahi fled through a back door into a large yard of garages.

As he climbed a concrete wall, Hogan managed to shoot Abdullahi in the head.

Abdullahi was rushed to hospital for treatment, however he died the same day.

Later it was discovered that Hogan was tipped off Abdullahi was in the restaurant.

In an attempt to give himself an alibi, Hogan had phoned his friend Alex Weekes, 20, and kept the line open during the period of the shooting.

Weekes, from Brimsdown Avenue in Enfield, was arrested and charged with perverting the court of justice, and then sentenced on October 4 to 20 months’ imprisonment.


Alex Weekes was also jailed Photo: Met Police

Alex Weekes was also jailed Photo: Met Police

Meanwhile Hogan was sentenced to 27 years’ imprisonment for the murder and was also sentenced concurrently to 42 months’ imprisonment for perverting the course of justice.

Detective Chief Inspector Claire Hine, the lead investigator, said: “Hogan carried out a cold-blooded and premeditated attack on Abdullahi Mahamoud, shooting at him at least five times. It was extremely fortunate that nobody else was injured in this incident, as there were four other people in the restaurant at the time.

“Thanks to the tireless and meticulous work of my team of detectives, who pieced together Hogan’s movements on the day of the murder by analysing hours of CCTV footage and mobile phone data, he has now been convicted of murder and will spend a long time in prison.

“Violence of this kind on the streets of London will not be tolerated and Met officers and detectives work 24/7 to ensure that people like Hogan are arrested and prosecuted as swiftly as possible."