Caroline Dubois insists she’s ready to step out of her brother’s shadow by powering to Olympic glory at this summer’s rescheduled Games.

The 20-year-old from Enfield – whose father David counts her and professional heavyweight title prospect Daniel as two of 11 children – has been named in an 11-strong GB boxing squad for Tokyo that features four women and seven men.

While inspired by Daniel’s gradual ascent towards the paths of sporting icons such as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, Caroline isn’t fazed by comparisons drawn between her and her older brother.

A family history of fighting that goes back to the 1700s – with ancestor Sylvia Dubois an African-American slave and a bare-knuckle fighter in New Jersey – the 2018 world and Olympic Youth champion insists glory on sport’s greatest stage is written in the stars.

“I don’t feel any added pressure because of my name,” said Dubois..

“A lot of people recognise my name because of Daniel, but hopefully after the Olympics it’ll be the other way round and people will know him because of me!

“I’m very confident of winning a medal. I believe in my ability and if I prepare properly, have faith in myself and perform to the best of my ability, I’m confident I can beat everyone.

“I’m really excited to be going to Tokyo, and relieved as well because it’s been a long time coming. Besides the pandemic I’ve been dreaming of going to the Olympics since I watched London 2012 on the TV.

“I remember everyone speaking about it and the atmosphere being incredible because we lived close to Stratford, so to get the chance to go out there myself nine years on is a dream come true.”

Rather than being a distraction Dubois believes her strong family connection to boxing – with other brothers Prince and Solomon also involved in the sport – has stood her golden ambitions in good stead.

Being away from her siblings while training full-time in Sheffield - along with restrictions to practice and competition due to Covid-19 – have thrown up a series of challenges over the last 18 months, but the lightweight star believes she has only emerged stronger as a result.

“My whole family are really disciplined and hard-working, and we all motivate each others, which is really useful,” she said.

“I found it hard being away at first, but it’s part of the learning experience and I knew it’s what I needed to get to where I wanted to go, which was the Olympics.”